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Health & Wellness for Students & Families

A Gesu School education nurtures the whole child.

In addition to solid academic preparation, Gesu’s holistic learning prioritizes our students’ mental and physical health. That care extends to our Gesu families, too. Gesu dedicates resources to ensuring that our school culture and environment promote dignity and respect for all and for the self:

Counseling Services & Social Emotional Learning
  • Gesu’s expansive counseling services include two full-time counselors, a full-time social worker, a part-time counselor, and two interns from the Council on Relationships.

  • The Gesu Counseling Department offers individualized sessions and teaches skills such as emotion management, managing healthy relationships, and balancing time through stress intervention.

  • Lessons in social emotional learning are integrated into Gesu classrooms.

  • Resources for families include Zoom programming from the Council on Relationships on mental health issues pertaining to school-age families and community concerns.

Physical Education & Nutrition 

  • Physical education is weekly, and outdoor recess daily, weather permitting. Supplemental programs include yoga classes with Mindfulness Through Movement and ballroom dance with Dancing with the Students.
  • A healthy breakfast and lunch are provided Monday through Friday during the school year and summer by Nutritional Development Services.
  • Gesu employs a nurse full-time. Our Covid task force includes multiple physicians and monitors safety.

Enrichment Programs

  • Enrichment programs include the Gesu Extra Mile program (after school), which offers rotating activities for students to explore each trimester. Past options include chess, cooking and nutrition, recreational sports, debate team, painting, and more.  

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