Planned Giving

Donors can transform lives for years into the future by including Gesu School in their estate plans. For more information about how you can shape futures with your estate plans, or to notify us of inclusion in your will, please contact Rob Weinstein, Vice President of Development, at 215-763-9077 or Or download a bequest intention form.


The Magis Society

Donors who have included Gesu School in their estate plans are recognized with membership in the Magis Society. Meet Keith Pension, one of the society’s members.

“When I first made a will 35 years ago, I had a fairly typical focus: my stepchildren and the grandchildren I presumed would follow. When I recently sat down to update the document, I realized that the ensuing years pointed toward a major change in focus. Why, I now questioned, continue to provide for those already so very well provided for? Instead, I’d like to help open up opportunities for those who have not been so amply endowed.

Of the many causes I support in life and hope to support after my death, Gesu is most important of all. For this reason, I have designated Gesu a 50% beneficiary. Because I come from a long line of nonagenarians and am more of a spender than a saver, the sum may turn out to be rather paltry, but I love knowing that Gesu will receive half of my estate, whatever it may be. Who knows? That very knowledge might turn me into more of a saver in my remaining years!” — Keith Pension

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