Meet the Teachers

Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore
Pre-K Teacher
B.S. Elementary Education, Gwynedd Mercy College
Other roles: Jumpstart coordinator, YET instructor

“It is my hope that each student embraces reading and a love of books. I hope that I am a positive role model imparting strong values to each child in my class.”



Kathy Asta

Kathy Asta
Kindergarten Teacher
B.S. Elementary Education, Chestnut Hill College
Other roles: YET instructor, Youngest Scholars summer instructor

“My hope and prayer is that when a child leaves my class, he will have a love for learning, love of God and respect for the world.”



Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson
1st Grade Teacher
B.A. Sociology, University of Tampa
M.S. Elementary Education (in progress), Saint Joseph’s University
Other roles: YET instructor, Catholic Schools Week coordinator

“My favorite subjects to teach are math and science. Both give teachers a chance to really be creative. The kids love getting up out of their seats to explore new things.”



Amanda Rice
2nd Grade Teacher





Mary Ryder

Mary Ryder
2nd Grade Teacher
B.A. History, University of New Hampshire
M.Ed., Cabrini College
Other roles: student mentoring program volunteer

“What keeps me going is the challenge, the smiles on the children’s faces as they walk through the door every morning, the never-ending questions (can I answer them all?), faith in God, and the HOPE that something I say that day will reach or teach at least one child.”


Tyrone Myers

Tyrone Myers
3rd Grade Boys Teacher
B.S. Health and Education, Temple University

“My students’ quest for knowledge gets me up in the morning on school days.”




Mary Liva
3rd Grade Girls Teacher






Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien
4th Grade Boys Teacher
B.A. History, Pennsylvania State University

“What I love about teaching at Gesu is the family atmosphere. I especially enjoy teaching the subject of math, particularly multiplication.”




Leya Egea-Hinton '02

Leya Egea-Hinton ‘02
4th Grade Girls Teacher
B.S. Sociology, Saint Joseph’s University
M.S. Elementary Education, Saint Joseph’s University (ACE program)
Certificate in Leadership, University of Pennsylvania, Fox School of Leadership
Other roles: Catholic Schools Week coordinator

“Every child is capable of learning and being shown their full potential, and as a teacher it is my job to always be a guiding light. Gesu is my home—first I attended Gesu and now I’m teaching here.
It’s like my other family.”


Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne
5th Grade Boys Teacher
B.A. English, Saint Joseph’s University
M.S. Education, Saint Joseph’s University
Other roles: wrestling club moderator

“After our year together, I hope that my students take a feeling and understanding of the importance of respect and cooperation with them to the next grade.”



Tammi Crummy

Tammi Crummy
5th Grade Girls Teacher
B.A. Sociology, Virginia State University

“I hope my students take with them a sense of pride and respect for themselves, their classmates and Gesu School, knowing they can accomplish anything with hard work and determination.”




Rufino de Santos
6th Grade Boys Teacher






Michelle Nicholson

Miki Randa
6th Grade Girls Teacher
B.S. Organizational Psychology, Saint Joseph’s University
M.S. Elementary Education, Saint Joseph’s University
Other roles: faculty liason to the Board of Trustees

“I believe that all children can learn. Their capability and ability may not be evenly appointed; therefore, I need to tailor instruction and attitude to meet their needs. I am committed to Gesu’s mission to serve our neighbor children with a quality and innovative education. It is very important to me to empower my students with the skills to help them break the cycle of poverty through the benefits of their education.”


Thomas Rolland
7th Grade Boys Teacher





JoAnne Young

JoAnne Young
7th Grade Girls Teacher
B.S. Science, Morgan State University
M.Ed. Science Education and Administration, Neumann College
Other roles: Gesu-Rosemont program moderator, tennis moderator

“I hope my students take with them the knowledge that they can do and be anything they want.
It’s important that they leave my class with a good foundation in study skills, reading and
writing. I also try to help them master real-life daily experiences so they can function outside
as well as inside Gesu School.”


Annette Pickett

Annette Pickett
8th Grade Teacher
B.S. Education, Saint Joseph’s University
M.S. Education, Saint Joseph’s University
Other roles: after-school nutrition instructor

“I hope my students become lifelong learners. I hope that they begin to understand that the key to all their dreams is education. I hope that my history lessons stay prevalent in their hearts so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated.”


Laura Weatherly

Laura Weatherly
8th Grade Teacher
B.A. History, Lincoln University
M.A. Sacred Scripture, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary
Other roles: math tutoring coordinator, Gesu-Rosemont program moderator

“My philosophy of teaching emphasizes teaching the whole child. I hope that my students leave my room with the confidence and the desire to learn more.”


Sean Deal

Sean Deal
Physical Education Teacher
B.A. Elementary Education, Temple University
M.Ed. Multicultural Education: Health and Physical Education (in progress), Eastern University
Other roles: athletic director, boys varsity basketball coach, recess coordinator

“In addition to healthy eating and exercise habits, I try to teach my students the importance of respect, how to win with dignity, how to lose with dignity, and to be humble and shake hands.”


Vivienne Ehret

Vivienne Ehret
Volunteer Librarian, Trustee
A.B. Spanish, French, Italian, Trinity College, Washington D.C.

“Gesu has an aura which is contagious; learning and love tempered with discipline has worked for 20 years. To be part of this happening has been a great joy for me.”




Dr. Eileen Erwin

Dr. Eileen Erwin
Backe Advanced Writing Teacher
B.A. English, Fairfield University
Ph.D. Urban Education, Temple University
Other roles: peer mediation moderator

“Teaching writing is so much more complicated than teaching students how to write complete sentences and well-developed paragraphs. It’s my goal to help students nurture a powerful voice within their writing that moves readers. When students’ hearts, minds and souls echo within the words they write, I feel like I am living my mission as a teacher.”


Linda Hartzell

Linda Hartzell
Art Teacher
B.A. Art, Moore College of Art
Other roles: yearbook moderator, gala silent art auction coordinator, symposium artwork coordinator

“I became a teacher because I wanted to use my God-given talent in art to help children express themselves and develop a sense of personal identity and integrity.”



Pat Leaf

Pat Leaf
Science Lab Coordinator
A.A.S. Nursing, Community College of Philadelphia
Former lab technician
Other roles: track coach, homework club tutor

“My favorite topics that we cover in the science lab are the microscope and photosynthesis.”



H. L. Ratliff

H. L. Ratliff
Music Teacher
B.M. Music Education, Catholic University of America
Other roles: choir director

“I want my students to be open to new cultural experiences that broaden their world and help shape who they are and will be.”



Dana Zern

Dana Gilbert
Learning Support Teacher
B.A. English, La Salle University
M.S. Secondary Education (in progress), Saint Joseph’s University

“I greatly enjoy teaching literature in my classes because it opens the lines of communication between the students and myself. Through stories and character examination, students can find ways to share their own feelings and relate to each other. While we have discussions and tell stories, the classroom becomes more connected.”



Meet the Counseling and Disciplinary Team

Rev. Neil Ver'Schneider, SJ

Rev. Neil Ver’Schneider, SJ
Vice Principal, Chaplain, and Disciplinarian
B.S. Industrial Relations, LeMoyne College
M.A. Education, Fordham University
Bachelor of Sacred Theology, Woodstock College, MD

 “I believe that every child is blessed by God with a special uniqueness that allows him or her to be a blessing to others. When a child learns to share his/her gifts, there comes a strength and peace that helps them weather the ups and downs of life. I would hope that the Gesu students would develop a habitual sense of God in their lives and of being called to reach out to others with respect and in gratitude for what others have shared with them. I would hope that Gesu graduates would lead the way in making a difference because they have walked this earth in faith and love.”


Jeanne Wood






Counseling Services

Gesu’s counseling staff works with our children and families to address issues such as grief and bereavement, poverty-related challenges, and emotional and academic needs through counseling, workshops, referrals and testing. Our counselors assist approximately 100 children and families each week. In addition to our full-time staff, each year two graduate students from Thomas Jefferson University provide additional counseling services through the Council for Relationships’ intern program.


Discipline and the “Time Out” Room

In a typical week, our two disciplinarians might see 50-70 children in the “Time Out” room for a variety of reasons, ranging from the need to take a make-up test, to incomplete homework, to disruptiveness in class or arguing with a classmate. To help our children develop their social and study skills, the discipline office works hand-in-hand with the counseling office and offers a great deal of informal counseling, positive encouragement, and consequences for infractions that warrant it. Gesu also has a peer mediation program and an active anti-bullying program to help promote a positive school environment.

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