Meet the Development Staff

Kelly GrattanRobert S. Weinstein
Vice President of Development

“The moment you step through the door of Gesu School, you can feel the spirit and infectious nature of this unique school.  Gesu’s holistic approach to education and its devoted faculty and volunteers make the school a true model for a successful urban education. It is an honor to come to work every day knowing that I, along with a talented Development Team are helping to ensure that Gesu continues to have a lasting impact on the lives of so many deserving young children now and in the future.”




 Dia Becker  
 Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

 "Gesu has inspired me since I first entered the building. It's a special institution where children are empowered to use their gifts and talents, develop an academic spirit, and envision a future beyond obstacles. There is a full-circle culture here: we build exemplary students who go on to succeed, and they remain lifelong champions of the school who return as alumni, employees, parents, and donors. Gesu is a family, and a deservingly reputable one at that." 




Sarah Stirzel Cuzzolina
Director of Annual Giving

"It is rare to work in a place where the mission isn’t only something you strive for, but something that you get to see working and completed. At Gesu, our goal is to break the cycle of poverty through phenomenal holistic education. The day in and the day out of that is hard work, and oftentimes you don’t immediately feel successful. But then, you run into alumni, who are now successful and managing a business or getting promoted at work. These former children from Gesu show that Gesu Works, and that makes this one of the best places to work."




Susanna Novoa 
Director of Individual Giving and Stewardship

"Gesu is a special place, where heart meets faith in action. I believe deeply in the transformative power of education, and it is a true joy to learn about how Gesu has changed the lives of not only individual students, but entire generations of families. Gesu was built by the local community, and it is a gift to be a part of seeing the school give back to the community every day, in so many ways. I am honored to be a part of such a caring, committed and passionate team working toward educational equity."




Kelly GrattanMegan Ryan
Director of Communications

"Gesu School’s leadership, teachers, staff, and community are truly dedicated to its mission to provide quality education for children in North Philadelphia. I am grateful to work with such a dedicated and mission-driven team, who strives each day to ensure that students’ maximize their potential and have bright futures."