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Sponsor a Child
Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring a child, you can unlock a student’s potential. And see firsthand the impact your donation makes! Your gift covers the majority of the annual cost to educate one Gesu student.

Many sponsors get to know their students through our sponsorship events. Enjoy board games and breakfast or lunch with students. There is no obligation to become involved with your student. However you choose to approach your sponsorship, Gesu will keep you updated on the student’s growth.  

How SAC Works

  • You, or a group of friends, make an annual gift of $8,000 to cover roughly three quarters of the annual cost of one Gesu child’s education.
  • Gesu sends you regular updates about your sponsored child’s progress during the year.
  • You are invited to spend time with your sponsored child at four annual SAC gatherings and other activities. 
  • You are not obligated to meet or interact with your sponsored child if you prefer to watch him or her grow from a distance or anonymously.
  • Gifts to the Sponsor a Child program are unrestricted gifts.

To start sponsoring a child, click here.

For more information on the Sponsor a Child program, call the Development Office at 215-763-9077 or email