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Post date: November 12, 2014

What do kids and some cars have in common? “Unibody construction,” moderator Dr. John J.

Post date: September 12, 2014

Feeling a little lonely as her classmates raced about the rooftop playground, one little 2nd grader sat herself down on a bench on the sidelines.

Then something very special happened. Three other girls joined her.

Post date: September 12, 2014

Tony Luke’s is raffling off their Johnny Mac’s Chopper House custom-built chopper to raise money and awareness for Gesu School. The chopper will be touring the Greater Philadelphia Area January through September. The lucky winner’s ticket will be drawn at Gesu School on September 17.

Post date: September 02, 2014

These new stairs were in place in time to greet our students on the first day of school!

Post date: July 07, 2014

Gesu School was honored to welcome Senator Bob Casey Jr. back to the halls where he tried his hand at teaching 31 years ago. Senator Casey visited the school to raise awarness of the Summer Food Service Program.

Post date: June 24, 2014

As they prepare to head off on their separate paths, our 8th graders have tentatively selected to attend the following high schools. We are proud of all that our students have accomplished and trust that these fine schools will assist them on their journeys to greatness!

Post date: June 23, 2014

A group of eighth graders stands in front of their classmates, pointing out where the rec center, food court and pool will go on a small tract of land in Gesu’s neighborhood.

Post date: June 19, 2014

Gesu School is honored to announce Mrs. Elizabeth R. Moran and Rev. Neil Ver'Schneider as our 2014 Gesu Spirit Medalists. Mrs. Moran and Fr. Neil will be recognized at this year's 20th Anniversray Gala.


Post date: June 03, 2014

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Keith Leaphart as our keynote speaker for our eighth grade graduation.

Post date: June 02, 2014

At the national Schools That Can Forum in May, President Bryan Carter served on a panel that discussed ways to foster positive character traits and teach cognitive skills leading to college graduation and future success.


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