From the President


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Gesu School community! Here at Gesu, we embrace the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Each member of our community enables 450 students to maximize their potential.


Gesu School offers an innovative curriculum and enrichment programs. We remain committed to non-selective admissions and meeting each child’s academic needs and abilities, from remedial programs that address unique learning needs, to advanced programs that challenge high-level critical thinking and creativity. The Gesu community also nurtures students’ emotional well-being, character formation, and spiritual growth. Our Jesuit and IHM identities ensure that Gesu is a place where we educate the whole person and where every child can learn.


Each individual helps us fulfill our mission to offer the highest quality education for our neighbor children to empower them to break the cycle of poverty and violence.


Teachers are dedicated to educating the whole child with professionalism and genuine care. Volunteers staff our library, tutor, and share cultural experiences from dance to fine art.


Parents and guardians give their time at lunch, in the classroom, and at home for their children to thrive. Counselors provide ongoing support for students and families. Our Graduate Support Program guides students and families through high school and college admissions to discover the best fit.


Our Board of Directors governs with vision and compassion, charting the course for institutional success. Our Junior Board promises sustainability and serves with enthusiasm.


Students support each other as class “buddies” and engage in their community through service. Alumni return to give back to their Gesu community.


Together, we stand united in investing in the collective care and prosperity of our children. 


Thank you for being part of the Gesu community!


Peace and blessings,

Bryan Carter
President and CEO

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam


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