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Over 90% of our graduates complete high school within four years, in a city with an on-time high school graduation rate that hovers around 65%.

Gesu School 2015 Spirit Medalists

Gesu School is honored to announce Keith Pension and Tad Decker as our 2015 Gesu Spirit Medalists, Gesu’s highest honor. Ms. Pension and Mr. Decker will be recognized at the 2015 Gesu Gala for their extraordinary dedication to Gesu School.

Keith Pension 

When it comes to familiar faces in the Gesu halls, Keith Pension's is one of the most recognizable. Gesu and its students are a second family to Keith, and her to them. Keith has built a palpable bond with the students over the years and continues her direct service work as a weekly volunteer in the second grade classroom.

Keith has served on the Gesu Board of Trustees since 1997. Her service on the Faculty Committee buoys them to success. A capstone of Keith's longstanding support of Gesu School and investment in its success is her membership in the Magis Society, a role that ensures the sustainability of Gesu's success for years to come.


Tad Decker 

Tad Decker has been a longstanding member of the Gesu Board of Trustees - almost 20 years, in fact! Tad has always been invested in the long-term success of the school. He has actively supported each and every campaign for Gesu School over the past 20 years, and his commitment has been both unwavering and contagious.

Formerly the CEO and now the Vice Chairman of Cozen O'Connor, he has completed pro-bono legal work for Gesu and facilitated substantial corporate support. Tad serves on the Board's Finance and Audit Committees.

Gesu School is a family affair for Tad as his son, John, served as a volunteer basketball coach for the Gesu basketball team. Tad is a huge Gesu basketball fan.


The Gesu Spirit Medal honors individuals who have shown extraordinary commitment to Gesu School through their loyal advocacy and actions, and who have made a significant contribution to Gesu School’s success as a model inner-city elementary school.