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Tuition & Financial Aid

Affordability is our priority! In 2023-24, 100% of Gesu families received financial aid.
For 30 years, Gesu has provided our students and families top-notch, transformative education at the most affordable price possible. Simply put, a Gesu education offers unparalleled access and opportunity. Gesu’s extensive resources and dedicated teachers open doors and change lives.

Gesu School offers a substantial tuition subsidy for all families who qualify based on income. Our Gesu team works individually with families to direct them through the financial aid process and to ensure that they receive the most financial aid for which they are eligible.
In 2022-23, the average tuition paid by Gesu families was $90 per month (for 10 months).
That’s less than $23 per week.
And less than $5 per day.
For 2024-25, every student may receive up to $7,600 in Gesu Presidential Scholarships (based on family income), or more than three-quarters of the cost of stated tuition. Stated tuition for the 2024-25 school year is $10,000 per student.
Additional financial assistance may be available upon review of the financial aid application.
Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) scholarships are accepted at Gesu School. Those who qualify for CSFP based on income may lower the $2,400 unsubsidized tuition cost even further. 
Early Learning Resource Center subsidy (ELRC) is also accepted for students enrolled in the after-school program and who qualify based on income. 

Children’s Scholarship Fund

Families are encouraged to apply for scholarships from Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia. Visit the CSFP website for more information. If you are already a CSFP recipient, the funds can be applied to Gesu School.

Mission Statement

Inspired by the Jesuit and IHM traditions of social justice, faith, creative hope, and love, Gesu School helps students to transcend all forms of poverty by providing a comprehensive, innovative education. We empower our students to develop their strengths, overcome challenges, and become positive, engaged members of the community and the world.

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