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The Pre-K Advantage

Gesu School is proud to share our 20+ years of early childhood expertise with our community. Our Pre-K program propels our youngest scholars to succeed in their academic careers.Strong Pre-K instruction builds a critical early foundation in academic, social, and life skills. At Gesu, we believe that Pre-K:

  • Provides advanced preparation in literacy and math, enabling children to develop their cognitive skills and get a head start for Kindergarten and beyond.
  • Teaches children about themselves and their roles in the world around them—in their families, classroom, and communities.


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Why Gesu’s Pre-K Program?


Gesu School is committed to educating the whole child: academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our full-day Pre-K program includes these features:

1. Pre-K students enjoy Gesu’s science lab, art studio, and music classroom for a well-rounded education and to enhance their creativity.

2. Gesu implements play-based learning to engage children in interacting with each other and to nurture their social-emotional growth and brain development, all while exploring their imagination.

3. The Pre-K curriculum also includes soft skills, qualities such as confidence and empathy for others, which shape students’ character. Learn more about Gesu’s soft skills curriculum, which is based on research and customized by our own faculty.

4. Gesu Pre-K teachers use the Frog Street curriculum, a research-based early childhood curriculum, digital resources, and professional development. Frog Street offers abundant hands-on activities that engage students in playful exploration, fostering learning through their individual interests. Teachers also incorporate the Archdiocese of Philadelphia curriculum, including world religions, for students’ spiritual growth.

5. Gesu has partnered with Jumpstart Temple University for more than 15 years to build our students’ literacy skills, during the school day and through their after-school program. Several days a week, Gesu students work in small groups and individually with specially trained students in Temple’s College of Education and Human Development, closely monitored by our Gesu teachers. Jumpstart is a national organization committed to supporting Pre-K students in achieving academic success and preparing for Kindergarten.

6. To promote nutrition and physical growth, a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack are offered each day. Pre-K students have daily nap time for rest.


plan your visit to see our Gesu classrooms in action!

Gesu accepts Early Learning Resource Center credits for Pre-K students in our after-school program!

You can use these credits to give your child the best early childhood education possible. ELRC is a subsidy, and the amount is based on income. Learn more about ELRC here.

Questions about how ELRC works at Gesu?

Contact Barbara Gallagher, Admissions/Finance Assistant, at 215-763-3066 or

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