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After-School Programs

Gesu provides an array of after-care programs to support busy families’ schedules and offer a safe environment where students can continue to learn and socialize.

After-School Program

Gesu’s after-school program provides care and enriching activities in a structured environment. The program offers a healthy snack, homework time, and age-appropriate recreational and educational activities to help students stay engaged, including sports, arts and theater (with performance opportunities), and field trips. Partnerships with organizations such as the Kimmel Center, Girls First, Boys Scouts, and Girl Scouts offer more in-depth programming for personal and academic growth and cultural awareness.

The after-school program is managed by experienced professionals and volunteers from local universities.

Time: Weekdays 3pm – 6pm (Wednesdays 2pm – 6pm) 

Cost and Subsidies: The cost for the After School Program is $65 a week. There is a registration fee of $40 per family. Gesu’s After-School Program is a State Licensed Program. Parents who qualify and apply are able to receive subsidized child care. Those who apply to the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) can have little to no co-pay based on their income.
The State requires every child to have a completed, up-to-date registration form and annual health assessment.

Gesu Extra Mile Program

The Gesu Extra Mile (GEM) Program is an enrichment program, ranging from arts and cultural opportunities to languages, cooking, and sports. GEM offers unique learning experiences beyond the classroom. Gesu faculty and staff teach GEM classes and customize them to students’ interests. GEM programs change each trimester, so students have new options to explore and can socialize with students in other Gesu grades. GEM is open to grades 6-8 in the 1st and 2nd trimesters and additionally to grades 5-8 for the 3rd trimester.

Time: Weekdays 3pm – 5pm (Wednesdays 2pm – 4pm)

Cost: Free of charge to Gesu families

Gesu Youngest Scholars Program

Youngest Scholars engages top-performing Gesu students in rising 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades with additional academic challenges during the summer and school year, focusing on literacy and communication. The program’s vision is to form life-long learners by building confidence, excitement for school, preparedness, and academic skills. Teachers select students to participate based on overall academic aptitude and excellence, test scores, and enthusiasm for learning. Students remain in Youngest Scholars for three years.

School Year Program

From September to May, Youngest Scholars meets twice a week after school for two hours. Gesu teachers work to enhance the skills students gained in the summer session, with an emphasis on reading. Students read novels independently, participate in book groups, build vocabulary and critical thinking, and write and deliver presentations.

Summer Program

The five-week program focuses on in-depth study of a theme. Past themes include ecosystems, Philadelphia, and health/wellness. Each theme aligns with a comprehensive set of skills: reading for meaning, responsive writing, technology, integrated learning, team building, and making real-world connections through field trips.
Time: Twice a week after school 3-5pm during the academic year. During summer, Monday – Friday all day. 
Cost: Free of charge

Gesu Youth Education for Tomorrow Program (YET)

Our Youth Education for Tomorrow program (YET) provides students in grades 1, 2, and 3 with additional support in building literacy skills. Students are invited to the program based on testing that takes place in September. YET implements the four blocks of literacy instruction: guided reading, self-selected reading, writing, and working with words. Utilizing these skills nurtures students’ confidence and enables them to understand critical concepts and strategies for long-term application.
YET instructors are Gesu teachers. Students benefit from one-to-one attention, group instruction, and use of technology in learning centers.

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3pm – 5pm, and Wednesdays 2pm – 4pm
Cost: Free of charge to Gesu families 

Jumpstart Temple University

Gesu has partnered with Jumpstart Temple University for more than 15 years to build our Pre-K students’ literacy skills, during the school day and through their after-school program. Several days a week, Gesu students work in small groups and individually with specially trained students in Temple’s College of Education and Human Development, closely monitored by our Gesu teachers. Jumpstart is a national organization committed to supporting Pre-K students in achieving academic success and preparing for Kindergarten.
Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm – 5pm (typically mid-November through early May) 
Cost: Free of charge to all Gesu Pre-K students  

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