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Our Story
Our Story

A rich history. A dedicated staff. An inspired mission. Learn more about the history of Gesu School, our core values, the students and community we serve, and the devoted staff who go beyond teaching. You’ll also find information on our special programs, how we are funded and governed, and where we are located.

Mission & Core Values

Gesu School is an independent Catholic School, Pre-K to 8th grade, in the Jesuit and IHM traditions. Both of these religious orders believe in providing academic, spiritual, and social development so that each young person understands and gives full expression to his or her God-given talents and gifts. This mission is carried on within some of the most difficult economic and family circumstances imaginable in North Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.

Here is a snapshot of what Gesu School stands for and what makes it unique:

  • Emphasis on academic excellence, character formation, religious faith, and leadership motivation to develop “young women and men for others”
  • The conviction that every child can learn, tailoring instruction for children of all abilities — from the struggling reader to the math whiz, the artist to the athlete
  • Personal attention and a family approach
  • Preparation for successful high school enrollment, leading to lifelong education, productive careers, and leadership roles in society
  • Emphasis on diversity-related educational and cultural experiences to broaden horizons and provide adaptive skills for success
  • A commitment to the ideal of the “Magis” — ever striving to do and be “greater” for the service of God

Mission Statement: Inspired by the Jesuit and IHM traditions of social justice, faith, creative hope, and love, Gesu School helps students to transcend all forms of poverty by providing a comprehensive, innovative education. We empower our students to develop their strengths, overcome challenges, and become positive, engaged members of the community and the world.